TikTok banned in India, Googe/Apple removes the App

After the Supreme Court refused to stay a Madras High Court order asking the center to prohibit downloads of the Chinese Social Media platform, both Google and Apple have removed TikTok from their App Stores. TikTok App disappeared from App Stores on 17th April 2019.

As usual – in India, some bans are meaning less or not completely implemented. In this case, the existing user who have installed TikTok App, will be continued to use it. Only new users will not be able to install this App.

TikTok brought amazing creativity among the people of India. However, there were cases of unsafe stunts and loss of life due to the usage of Apps by youth. The reason for ban was citing that it encourages pornography. Personally, I have not come across any such content on TikTok so far.

A company which developers App has to follow the law and order of a country. What’s next after TikTok ban? Will there be another new app, which will take place of TikTok?