Registrations are now open for Year 2020 of Unisys Cloud 20/20™ Contest

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that registration is open for the 11th edition of Cloud 20/20™, the company’s annual flagship technical project competition for engineering students in India. The contest began in 2009, enabling students to develop career-ready technical and soft skills via problem solving and using emerging technologies in real-life scenarios. This year, Unisys has included a module by which students will get to appreciate the importance of being client-centric in their solution finding approach, via the Targeted Innovation Program.

This contest is open to research students and postgraduates, as well as pre-final and final-year engineering students in computer science, information technology and other related disciplines. The Student Innovation Program (SIP) challenges students to use emerging technologies to come up with original and creative solutions to address areas they see as a problem, while also providing them with the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders, providing the students with guidance and expertise on the run up to the competition.

The Targeted Innovation Program (TIP) is a new feature of the contest that will task students with solving specific business problem statements provided by Unisys and its partners and clients in the industry. Unisys has extensive experience in the travel and transportation sector in India and the wider Asia Pacific region, spanning airlines, airports and cargo. The Targeted Innovation Program helps students prepare for their career by experiencing solving real business issues, as defined by a client.

We are very proud of how Cloud 20/20 has evolved into a targeted innovation program for students over the past decade. This year we have increased involvement from across industries to provide the students with genuine business problems to solve and help them become industry ready. Cloud 20/20 ignites passion and knowledge in eager minds and that represents one important way we can give back to the community.

K Nageswara Rao, vice president, Engineering – Asia Pacific Technology Centers, Unisys

In the last 10 years, Cloud 20/20 has highlighted innovations in cloud-based applications and microservices, cloud computing infrastructure, security and multimodal biometrics. More than 25,000 teams have taken part over to date, making it one of India’s most anticipated technical contests for engineering students.

Given the growing inclusion of technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. in multiple industries, tomorrow’s reality will be defined by the innovation and initiative of today’s students. With this year’s added element of the TIP, the students have a rare opportunity to work on real client business problems, and can understand and learn the right client-centric approach. This is a great lesson to learn in the real world and will make a big difference when these future innovators take up jobs and deliver their best.

Sumed Marwaha, managing director, Unisys India and regional vice president, Services, Unisys

Cloud 20/20, a collaboration between Unisys, academia, and the technology industry, offers student and experienced professionals the opportunity to refine their technical knowledge and marketable skills by working alongside some of the best minds in the IT industry. Unisys India’s campus outreach program also provides access to informative demonstrations, webinars, knowledge sharing modules and educative roadshows by industry experts.

The winners will be announced at the Cloud 20/20 Tech Confluence in Bengaluru in April 2020 following a final presentation of the projects to a panel of judges from Unisys as well as experts from the industry. This platform will bring together various industry experts, providing exposure to students on various technologies. The winners will share a prize pool of INR 4.25 lakh. Last year’s finalists were offered 21 internships and eight job placements.

Please visit the Cloud 20/20 website for further information on Cloud 20/20 and registration details.

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