How Social Media Apps are boosting Voter Participation with these Amazing Features

17th Lok Sabha elections are here and this time social media apps are going to play an imperative role in influencing and deciding the poll results. According to media reports, the 2019 General Elections election is going to be historic, with over 15 million first-time voters in the 18-19 age group having registered for it. This generation is also the one that relies more on the social media platforms to consume content and news. These social platforms have the power to influence the young and will lead the way in encouraging the user action. So, let’s see how these social media platforms are motivating the millions of Indians who will be voting this year:

Hike has launched its new sticker avatars ahead of the 2019 General Elections in India. This personalized collection features a range of stickers that encourage the youth to go out and exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections. Some of the most popular stickers in the pack include ‘Go Vote, Don’t chill’ & ‘The nation wants your vote”. With digital communication playing an important role in this election, these stickers are another great way for users to express themselves.

In order to motivate the voters for this election, Facebook is providing the feature of sponsored political content, where the advertiser will have to complete the authorization process to get verified. They have also mentioned that any content that does not fulfil Facebook’s quality standards will be stopped from circulating.

Instagram has introduced a set of new stickers by artist Tara Anand, to foster positive conversations and let users share their excitement on Instagram. Instagram users can find the sticker icon from the sticker tab located in Stories. Also, if the viewer taps on the sticker, you’ll be directed to the National Voters Services Portal which shows the nearest polling stations based on their location.

Snapchat has introduced snaps for each state including information link to polling location on the Election Commission of India’s website. The platform also rolled out a range of election day stickers and lenses to encourage users to share their activity especially for the polls.