Google introduces CallJoy – an Answer with Intelligence service

The new Google’s Answer with Intelligence service named CallJoy (a virtual customer service phone agent) that helps small business owners offer better customer service, make more informed business decisions and ultimately increase productivity.

Credits: CallJoy YouTube channel

How does CallJoy work?

  • After a quick setup, you’ll receive a local phone number.
  • CallJoy will immediately begin blocking unwanted spam calls so you receive the calls that matter—the ones from customers.
  • Then, when the phone rings, the automated CallJoy agent answers, greets callers with a custom message and provides basic business information (like hours of operation).
  • If the customer calling would like to complete a task which can be done online, like place a to-go order or book an appointment, CallJoy’s virtual agent will send the customer an SMS text message containing a URL
  •  Whether the customer speaks with you, talks to an employee, or just interacts directly with the CallJoy agent, the call will be recorded and transcribed for quality purposes.

Features of CallJoy:

  • Check Phone number with local area code
  • Check Unlimited call recording & transcripts
  • Check Textback functionality
  • Check Analytics & insights
  • Check Spam blocker

Who is CallJoy for?
CallJoy is trusted by small business owners coast-to-coast :

  • Restaurants – Easy-to-use phone technology for local food service businesses
  • Retail
  • Salons
  • Services
  • Auto
  • and many more…

How to get CallJoy?
CallJoy is presently available as invite only program and not available publicly. Starting 1st May 2019, small business owners can sign up for early access to this phone technology by clicking here, and for a flat monthly fee of $39.