Google celebrates Earth Day 2019 with Doodle

This years Earth Day theme is to Protect Our Species. On this event today, Google represented a tiny fraction of the diversity, uniqueness, and wonder that can be found among the life forms on the planet we call home. This Doodle is created by Doodler Kevin Laughlin.

With the world’s widest wingspan, I soar hunders of miles without a flap.

Wandering Albatross

At 377 feet, I’m like 75 humans high and also the world’s tallest tree.

Coastal Redwood

I’m a coin-sized croaker and also the world’s smallest vertebrate.

Paedophryne Amauensis

One of the largest aquatic plants, a small person can sit on me! (Unadvised)

Amazon Water Lily

At 407 million years old, we’ve been around since the days of dinosaurs.


No need for eyes when you live in the deepest cavern of world’s deepest cave.

Deep Cave Springtail


For cool animation and images of above natural species, please do not miss to visit the official Google Doogle page. Feature Image Credit: Google Doogle 2019 Official website.